Consultation Services

To Start or Grow Your Practice

Are you thinking about starting your own practice? Do you have a practice and feel stuck? I have been there. In fact, most therapists have felt anxious, stuck, or overwhelmed when starting or growing their practices. Talking with someone who has been through it can be very validating and helpful. In fact, learning the ins and outs of setting up a practice, finding space, getting your name out there, and figuring out logistics can be extremely helpful. You can build the practice you have been dreaming of. Fill out the form below to learn more.

To Improve Your Clinical Care

Do you ever wish you had a colleague to bounce ideas off of, consult with, or talk to about case conceptualization? You are not alone. This work is hard and we all need someone to talk to. Having other therapists to consult with is essential to effective therapeutic care. Consulting with colleagues has helped me grow and develop my unique skill set, interpersonal style, and therapeutic approach. Build your network of colleagues, refine your skill set, and gain confidence by setting up consultation services.


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